About Us

Welcome to CareClub24,

Is your high deductible health insurance almost like having no health insurance at all? Maybe you and your family don’t have insurance at this time?

At CareClub24, we believe you deserve healthcare at rates you can afford… and we’ve found a way for you to get healthcare at amazing rates. CareClub24 is a nationwide discount healthcare membership. When you join CareClub24 you will receive a wide range of discounts on dental, vision, prescriptions and alternative healthcare benefits including Chiropractic care and physical therapy. With our Telemedicine benefit, you can contact doctors 24/7…convenient quality care is only a click or call away – you pay $0 per visit and you can use it as often as needed. If you need an MRI or lab tests, you will save on those Ancillary Services. You will also receive discounts on diabetic testing supplies and Lasik®. Health Advocacy benefits provide you professional support for medical or insurance related issues.

Join CareClub24 today starting at only $9.95 monthly for you and your family.

You can finally get the care you deserve, at rates you can afford!

To your health,


Michael Buban
Founder and CEO of CareClub24