About Us

Welcome to CareClub24…

Is your health insurance deductible too high? Maybe you and your loved ones don’t have health insurance right now? We can help…at CareClub24, we believe your greatest wealth is your health and we’ve found a way for you to get the best healthcare at amazing rates.

CareClub24 is a nationwide Discount Healthcare Membership. Imagine fantastic savings on these most essential healthcare services for you and your family:

  • Save up to 80% with your CareClub24 membership on Dental, Vision, Eyewear and Contacts, Prescriptions and Chiropractic care.
  • With Telemedicine, you can call or email our doctors 24/7…convenient quality care is only a click or a call away. Consultations are free and unlimited.
  • If you need Ancillary Services, for example, an MRI, CT-scan or other lab tests – including bloodwork and lipid panels, you will save up to 70%  with your CareClub24 membership. You will also receive up to 50% savings on diabetic testing supplies and Lasik®.
  • If you are hospitalized or need surgery, your CareClub24 Hospital and Health Advocacy benefits will help you find the right provider or service, negotiate your bills and help you navigate your healthcare questions, concerns and needs throughout your entire treatment.

When you join CareClub24, access to all of these benefits and services are included in your monthly membership…

Join CareClub24 today for only $39.95 per month for you and your entire household…because now you can finally get the care you deserve, at rates you can afford!

To your health,

Michael Buban

CEO and Co-founder of CareClub24